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Getting Creative to Build a Law Practice with David Lizerbram [GWL 28]

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David Lizerbram is a business law strategist in San Diego, Ca. He guides businesses of all sizes to get to the next stages. In 2005, he opened his own practice focusing on helping entrepreneurs by bringing strategic projections to legal planning.

What We Chat About in this Episode:

  • Perhaps law school sparks creativity after all
  • How to transition out of your practice area if you hate it
  • If you’re serving a client, you have to be where they’re comfortable with regards to how you dress, how you carry yourself, how you interact with them.
  • Good lawyers can be good people with good intentions but they could suck at running a business
  • How to figure out whom you want to serve as a lawyer
  • Is it in you to become a solo practitioner?
  • When first going solo, don’t rule out partnering up with someone else on a few matters to fill your time and make money
  • Blogging as a young lawyer shows hustle and initiative
  • How David landed a gig as a panelist at Comic-Con
  • Be an interesting person and people will want to talk to you and you can make the sale
  • Podcasting can be an effective marketing tool as a lawyer

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Recommended Reading:

Robert Bolton –

People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts (Affiliate)

Action Item:

Start a blog. It’s not easy to get clients and build a business when you’re a young lawyer so committing to a blog will help you build your business. Also, a blog will help you figure out if you’re passionate about a certain practice area or not.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @davidlizerbram

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  1. September 1, 2015    

    Couldn’t agree more re: the value of starting a blog. The key to my firm’s success was our blog. I find it interesting that attorneys often try to figure out how to connect directly to clients and scratch their heads in confusion as to how to do so. A blog presents the opportunity to answer, in detail, commonly asked questions. The beauty is that many of those answers are evergreen, stand the test of time, and that hour or two to write a post becomes something that pays the attorney a recurring dividend for years. Should law students start a blog? Absolutely!

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